FISHMX is an experimental instant messaging chatbot that answers questions about the endangered status of fish in South African coastal waters.

If you're using GoogleTalk or Jabber (or any other XMPP instant messenger) say "hi" to: (you may need to add it as a contact or 'buddy').

If you're a Nimbuzz or MXit user (or perhaps another IM service which doesn't automatically connect to other XMPP servers) try chatting to:
Some background...

In an effort to preserve our planet's fast dwindling fish stocks, SASSI (the South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative) pioneered an initiative to make consumer's aware that their choices can make a difference.

With FISHMS, conservation-aware South African's could send a mobile phone text message to find out whether the fish they were about to buy from a fishmonger, order at a restaurant or had just caught was on the threatened or endangered list - and make a conscious choice to preserve the environment.

FISHMX extends the FISHMS concept to provide more information and an extended 'experience' using instant messaging (and happily it costs less too).